SES 04 Structure

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When he was going away for the weekend, he _____ his neighbor water the lawn.

Not only did many people volunteer to bring food for the picnic, ______________

Vasco Nunez de Balboa _________ the Pacific Ocean in 1513.

While my brother has excellent eyesight, he _____ hard of hearing.

______________Were first viewed through a telescope by Galileo.

When she was a young girl, she used to wish she _____ a princess.

We usually expect that __________ bring bad news.

If we __________ salt, the soup would have been tastier.

__________ people study Latin seriously, while most seem to prefer Spanish, Italian and the like.

For a variety of reasons, many American young adults are returning home or are not leaving home at all, ___________________________________________.

Had I run out of gas, I __________ called the garage.

Paterson was angry _____ his friend and threw a book at him.

The only thing__________stopped her from going to study abroad was the pleading of her grandmother.

Your friends won't be late, __________?

_______________________________________ guns had been made by skilled
gunsmiths, one at a time.

The lab's conversational desktop is a voice-controlled(A) computer system that acts(B) like an automatic receptionist, personal secretary, and travel agent which screening(C) all calls, taking messages, and making airline reservations(D).

Even among the general public, consciousness(A) has been raised(B) high enough so that anyone   sporting finery made from the skins of an endangered animal run(C) the risk of at least a verbal(D) assault.

Coastal(A) erosion is the only natural process that has altered(B) the world's shorelines ever since the oceans formed first(C) some three billion(D) years ago.

Surveys(A) note however, that the elders(B) are frequent victims of certain types of crimes(C), like(D) purse-snatching.

Noise is a(A) external and excessive stimulus(B) that increases(C) rather than decreases your tension(D).

Although teachers around the world are(A) separated by thousands(B) of miles, their methods of trying(C) to encourage children to write springs(D) from a common source.

The professor managed to attending(A) to the needs(B) of his family while working(C) day and night for the prestigious(D) award.

Jan later laughs(A) about having fell(B) into the pond, although she was very embarrassed(C) about it then(D).

Only(A) one egg hatched after twenty-eight days, while all(B) the others hatched after(C) twenty-ninth day(D).

A few and(A) the 50 stamps(B) that my sister had(C) were either(D) for sale or trade.

My grandmother could never understand(A) why I preferred(B) a 20-stories(C) building to a rambling house in the fields(D).

"The Starlight Cafe" is a(A) good place for(B) order seafood but(C) not to order(D) meat.

The legendary(A) Robin Hood used to steal(B) from the rich people to give(C) to all(D) poor.

Although(A) the poor families are(B) fast learning the new trade, the lack of education are(C) hampering their(D) advancement.

In the event of something happening(A) to the family, the lawyer assure(B) her that the(C) house would go(D) to her friend.

The entire city except the western section(A) is(B) plunge(C) into darkness for(D) the night.

Frank and Anna Johnson had(A) a daughter who were(B) born in 1950, but(C) who died a few years(D) later.

Most(A) traditional dances are made up of(B) a prearranged series of steps and movements, but modern  dancers are generally free to(C) move as they choice(D).

I have been(A) having many headaches(B) so often later(C) that I think I ought(D) to see a doctor.

Thousands of years ago, the world had several ice ages(A); or periods(B) of time when the climate was(C) very cold and thick sheets of ice cover(D) much of the earth.

Hunger is(A) not a(B) unavoidable phenomenon(C) as are death and taxes(D).

Peter Weir, the prominent Australian film maker and screenplay writer, and(A) was(B) planning(C) to visit the United States to make(D) a film.

While most Americans may admire a person who speaks(A) more than one language(B), most of them do not place any value on learning another(C) language themself(D).

Having spent(A) his childhood longing for books, Andrew Carnegie realize(B) their value and went on to become(C) the largest donor of funds the American public library system has ever had(D) donor.

The survival instinct of cockroaches are(A) so great that they are known(B) to reproduce(C) even within a ring(D) of fire.

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